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Golf Victoria Pennant

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 2014 Pennant Overview

Men's and Women's Pennant enjoys a rich history within Victorian golf, with  both competitions dating back over 100 years. Seven player men's and women's Pennant teams represent each participating club across an eight week season.

Colts Pennant commenced in the mid 1950's and involves five male players aged under 24 as of January 1st.

In 2014 Men's Pennant will see 46 clubs separated into six Divisions in accordance with finishing positions of the preceding season. 2014 Women's Pennant will involve 38 clubs across five Divisions while Colts Pennant will see 43 clubs participate in five Divisions.

2014 Pennant contests (in a round-robin format) in Men's Pennant Divisions 1-5; Women's Pennant Divisions 1-4 and Colts Pennant Divisions 1-5 will commence on Sunday 16 March. Division 6 Men's Pennant and Division 5 Womens' Pennant will commence on Sunday 23 March.

Golf Victoria Contacts - 2014 Season

During the 2014 Season, should any Pennant issue arise, direct contact can be made with any of the following people for assistance:

  • Golf Victoria Match Committee Chairman - Brian Lasky – 0408 504 030

  • Golf Victoria Rules Committee Chairman - Murray Cropley – 0418 522 686

  • Golf Victoria Chief Operating Officer - David Greenhill – 0417 338 567

  • Golf Victoria Golf Events Manager - Biviana Gilson - 0409 961 986

  • Golf Victoria Golf Services Manager - Brian Hill - 0419 324 270

  • Golf Victoria Web Development and Database Manager - Greg McLeod - 0416 065 907 (Result Vault Scores)

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